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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a mutual exploration to help clients achieve their goals or their vision for their careers and life.  Coaching is guiding the client to see solutions for themselves by asking and not telling.

Business Consultation

Consulting is helping the client resolve a particular business challenge based on the consultant’s knowledge and expertise. Consultants diagnose a problem and make a recommendation.

About Greg

Greg Gaines has led or managed organizations in the computer manufacturing and wireless communications industries for the better part of 25 years. Most recently, he has been leading his marketing consulting and coaching business, catering to new business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders managing significant change.  
An ICF-certified coach and small business mentor (SCORE), Greg loves helping leaders confront their challenges and overcome obstacles impacting their business and leadership performance.  In the process, his clients identify their untapped potential, discover their purpose, and are motivated to take action that produces sustainable results in both their careers and their personal lives.  

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Greg K. Gaines is an ICF certified coach who has over 20 years of marketing, sales, consulting, and coaching experience. He advises and coaches business owners and executives to implement strengths-based strategies to excel in their careers. He is focused on identifying your untapped potential, helping you discover your purpose, and motivating you to take action that produces results that enhance both your career and your personal life. Greg offers more than tactical advice; his expertise is tailored to your unique situation.

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